Hello,  I'm Luciana. 

I ♥ » Designing . Traveling . Life .  Art .  Creativity .  Typography . Sustainability . Technology . Concepts . Health . Nature  . Photography . Colors .  & Happy People.

I have been working in the graphic, textile, and web design areas for more than 10 years. In 2003 I started my studies with Social Communications, Psychology, Public Relations and Administration. Following those studies, I focused on design such as interactive, web, and graphics. I also spent time in the photography industry behind the camera.

I’ve been involved in different activities and projects helping people and small companies in the administration and design area. Developing business Identities, structures, and communication plans.

I feel enthusiast creating new and fresh ideas, developing concepts, communicating in all the possible design scenes.

I have good organizational skills. I can feel the structure, concepts and design intuitively, to plan clear and reasonable strategies. I can follow a plan carefully to achieve realistic objectives and reach the goals.

I succeed in areas that require a good sense of proportion, balance or the ability to do things that are both functional and attractive.

I enjoy challenges and I believe that every project is an opportunity to acquire new skills, pursue innovation and increase my knowledge.

I would love to be part of any project, group, or organization that share the same ideals. My goal is to be an instrument for the progressive positive change in the world.

"There's no difference between Art and Life. Who is not making art of his life is not living" .  A. Jodorowsky 

Hope you enjoy my works. 

Thanks for your visit!

Nosara, Costa Rica